Prepare shipping documents for any shipment including Hazardous Materials using our online application & mobile application.
Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

From Hazardous Materials to Mission-Critical Cargo.

Blockchain Solutions for the Supply Chain

Paperless Shipping Documents and Asset Tracking

Create all your needed shipping documents for transporting Class 1 Hazardous Materials anywhere in the United States or Canada.

We guarantee the correctness of your shipping documents, even hazardous materials, with our 100% guarantee covering any mistakes.

More than just Shipping Documents

Reduce shipping risk by using our exclusive platform that leverages blockchain and A.I. technology to drive down your costs.

Chain of Custody

Trace the progress and location of your goods from our modern web application

Integrated Signatures

Capture signatures with our mobile application. Sign by simply scanning a QR Code.

Translation Ready

Compile documents into different languages like Spanish on-the-fly

Driver Passport

Contains all needed identification information. Utilize our system to enable drivers to use the app to access your facilities 

Smart Notifications

Should your shipment have difficulties our system automatically notifies you

Upgradable Documents

Never have to wait for updated shipping documents utilizing our system

Modernize your logistics operation

We use modern web technologies to create native mobile and web applications, ensuring the best possible user experience for your employees and customers.

Native Mobile Apps for the best performance.

Order Management System Features

Freight Quote System

Integrate our Quote Engine to enable faster quote pricing for shippers

Voice & Chat 

Embed Chatbots or traditional VoIP to enable quicker customer support

Faster Invoice Factoring

Our large network of factoring companies enables you to get paid faster

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Block Array Corporation 

 Signers use certificate-based digital IDs to verify their identity using web or mobile applications.

Digital Signatures

Our application guides you through a process in order t document intent and consent. So you can prove that the signer intended to sign and consented to do business electronically. 

Show intent by having signers either add a signature or click to accept the agreement — or both.

Show consent by having signers accept a standard or customized agreement while signing or before opening your document.

Let signers opt out of e-signing with an option to sign by hand. Your documents can be transferred either through fax or mobile camera capture.

Legally Binding in the U.S. and E.U.

  • US ESIGN (Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce)
  •  US UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act)
  •  UN Model Electronic Signature Law
  •  eIDAS (advanced signatures, eSeals)
  •  FDA CFR 21 Part 11
  •  EMA eSignature Capabilities

Additional Features